Chef's Recommendations
All Chef's recommended dishes are also available vegetable for £6.15 or King Prawn for £12.95

Chicken or Lamb cooked in hot & slightly tangy sauce with green chilli. Fresh garlic paste slow cooked with yogurt coconut powder & tomato. Served on a sizzler. (Fairly hot)

Chicken or Lamb cooked with pickles, mango, garlic, ginger & an exotic spice mix, cooked to a dryish consistency, giving a rich & sour taste. (Medium)
Shatkora Chicken or Lamb

A uniquely flavoured dryish dish from Bangladesh Sylhet region. Shatkora is a fruit belonging to the citrus family and has a fine aroma and pleasantly sour taste. (Medium)

A spicy and tangy sour base dish - Chicken or lamb marinated in garlic, turmeric & lemon juice cooked with green peppers, onion chilli. (Medium Hot)
Balti Chicken or Lamb

Distinctively blended in the traditional way of Punjab & northwest Pakistan. Rich tomato-and yogurt-based curries which enhances the flavour & aroma. (Medium)
Coconut Chicken or Lamb

Super Nepali mild dish prepared with tender chicken or lamb cooked in baby coconut juice & pulp, coconut cream, almond powder coconut powder.

Chicken or Lamb cooked in a special blend of hot spices with onions, capsicum and tomatoes & hot crushed dry chilli. (Hot)

Chicken or Lamb prepared with fresh hot chilli from Bangladesh called naga with onion & capsicum, reputed as one of the hottest chillies in the world - a very fragrant dish. (Very Hot)
Chilli Lamb Shank

Lamb shank marinated in herbs, then cooked with chillies and peppers with chickpeas. (Hot)
Raan-e-guddaz Lamb Shank

Marinated lamb shank slowly cooked overnight in tomatoes and onion sauce, making the lamb so soft it falls off the bone. Mild to medium highly recommended.
Red Chilli Chicken or Lamb

Chilli lovers will remember how nice a dish can be with special chilli sauce. mind you, it's very hot so don't blame the chef!
Goan Chilli Chicken or Lamb

A highly recommended dish tender pieces of chicken or lamb cooked with capsicums, tomato and hot chilli sauce.

Chicken or Lamb cooked with onion, green peppers, tomatoes highly spicy medium dish.
Num Num

Boneless Chicken or Lamb marinated with ginger, garlic & yoghurt,served in a creamy butter sauce.Highly recommended
Poultry and Meat Speciality
Tikka Masala

Barbecued chunks of chicken or Lamb cooked in a special masala sauce, topped with cream and almonds. Contains nuts. (Mild)

Pieces of Chicken or Lamb cooked in fresh cream, cultured yoghurt with couscous, ground almond & cashew nuts in a subtle delicious sauce. Contains nuts. (Mild)
Badami Chicken or Lamb

Rich and mild cooked with cashew nuts, almond cream & yoghurt. Contains nuts.

Chicken or lamb marinated Tandoori spice with green peppers tomatoes, onion & coconut, served on a korai wok. (Medium)

Chicken or Lamb cooked with crispy onions, tomatoes & green peppers with green chilli tossed in butter, served on a korai wok. (Medium)
Jalfrezi Chicken or Lamb

Specially prepared hot chicken or lamb dish cooked with fresh garlic ,green chilli, red, yellow, and green peppers. Garnished with Red chilli fowler.

Chicken or Lamb cooked with spinach, green herbs and spice medium
Methi Chicken or Lamb

Spicy but medium hot, well cooked in a thick sauce with fenugreek and herbs.
Sabzi Bahar

Chicken or lamb, stir fried with onion, green pepper, tomatoes, mixed vegetable & garlic in a mixture of aromatic spices, served on a sizzler. (Medium)

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